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Dear member,welcome to join as a website member。pls read the following terms of service carefully before register:

Member Registration Agreement

    Welcome, if you are ready to register as our member, please carefully read this agreement. After registration, then you agree to our agreement, the agreement reads as follows:

    First, only registered members can make purchases and order inquiries on the store. Please remember user name of your member. It is your unique identifier, any of your complaints, questions, purchase records, both members of the user name using this process. Also, you once again to our website will be very convenient shopping, and many do not have to re-enter information.

    Second, members can be your user name easy to remember in any code such as network name. However, registered users, we recommend that you must enter your real information, it is a good and accurate delivery, the provision of services, contact you quickly if necessary. Has a strong background security procedures, we absolutely guarantee that your registration information security and confidentiality.

    Third, we guarantee the quality of goods sold, do not sell counterfeit products. If quality problems, please contact customer service.

    Fourth, we receive your payment, will be promptly shipped. If the quality of goods sold, in addition to human damage, without the dress, wash goods without fouling, OZ.

    Fifth, shall not be reproduced without permission, use the site product information, pictures, found reserved.